English follows after Korean. 

이 페이지는 한국에 입국하는 해외댄서들을 위한 한국 정부 질병관리청과 법무부의 입국 절차에 대한 정보입니다. (이하 English only)

Korea immigration procedure from overseas

This content will be updated when we have new information from Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency.


First of all foreigners need to check visa issues at the local Korea Embassy.

At present dated May-16th, if anyone prepare the proper process according to the requirements of Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, the quarantine can be exempted. 

Basically, the following are essential for everyone who come to Korea. 

- 3rd time vaccination certificate in English 

- RAT test, negative certificate and then register it into Q-Code(Quarantine COVID-19 Defense) system app. 

- After entrance at Korea, they should submit the PCR test or RAT test negative by doctor within 3 days. 

Here is Q-Code Guide website by Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency

Q-Code guide

COVID-19 Situation in Korea

Recently it's very stable and low infection rate overall Korea. We still have to wear masks inside mandatory but outside people are still wearing masks but it's not mandatory. The people capacity limit per space is gone too. We're expecting to go to the endemic peacefully.